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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2008|01:51 pm]

hey darlings! steph is coming back this friday~ whee =DD

i went to watch money  no enough with my og friends last nite. 

wasnt really interested in the show but after watching it i must say jack neo always produces thought-provoking shows.

he brought up important issues through this show.he put in so many different personalities.

it made me ponder. i have always wondered why adults would send their parents to the old folks home. i am against that..

but in this show, the reasons portrayed were -----

each sibling in the family, after they get married, they have their own family. there exist the different personalities of each of their spouses. 

the adult faces financial and other problems , hence do not have enough resources to give his/her parents a good life.

i then thought, maybe sending our old parents to the home would be better for them. there, they have people of similar age to talk to them and have trained nurses to take care of them.


this is only what we think.

have we actually thought how our old parents would feel being sent to a home?

most feel unwanted, afterall, the old folks home is not their home.

**one is rich when they have people whom they love and care & have people who love and care for them with them**

nothing is awfully right nor wrong.

there was this interesting scenario::   your child and your mum both is at A&E. both desperately need the last two packets of blood available in the hospital. who would you give the blood to? to ur child or to ur mum? without the blood they will die.

i dont know. what will you do?
 be appreciative of what i have--both the immaterialistic and the materialistic. 
dont be greedy. stop when its enough
always put aside cash for emergency purposes

haha okae just wanted to put it down somewhere to remind myself. 

love, wing.

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it's me raa raa!!!! [May. 6th, 2008|08:43 pm]

hello my little darlings how art thou? ehh you know what now i know how to take the bus already are you guys proud of me????? 
we shld have gone to st. nicks to eat before i left man hmph.. now i'm missing out on all the good food!!! jack you made it worse by naming all the food hahaha i wish i have a bowl of orange bowl noodles in front of me now..

cjc dance night? oh man i want to go.. training is very impt but jack jack rmb to take care of yourself k drink lots of water and take your vitamins..i understand how it's like to be sick so pls pls pls do rest well after your dance night k!!!!

ehh chong yi mei how is your relationship b/n you and adam or is it andrew paiseh i kinda forgot his name but i know it starts with a.. hope it's going strong!!!! hahaha

kong wing yan you ah totally no update fr you how are you ah??? how's your uni applications and all? is your sis being a good girl? and does that yingkai still irritate you? if he does ask him to get a life!!!! what eeyore being your's and his child ask him to die lah..

anthea tan so how is life now? what have you been doing this past few days? hope you have found something to do or maybe apply for a uni or something pls do keep me updated yup!!!!

the 2 tengs hahaha just keep updating me by writing on my wall k!!!!

stephanie natasha simon kudus pls go and clean up your hse but i just saw from facebook that you are looking for a new hse.. how is it coming along? ehh how's my baby cookie???? i want to kidnap him!!!!

teng jie ying has horlicks grown any hair yet???? i hope he's not botak!!!!!

i wish i could put you guys in a bag and send it over here..

anyways do take care k one and all i love you and pls date jack cos her lonely heart may not be able to tahan w/o her shawn!!!!

ehh when i come back lets have a son-in-law meet!!!!!! hahaha gosh i sound like a pervert but who cares i know you guys still love me!!!! you guys do right???? even when i'm a pervert hahahha

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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2008|10:11 pm]
hello you guys,
please lets meet to eat like orange bowl and wanton and rou yuan mianxian and toast and ice milo and curry chicken rice and all the other yummy things soon!

anyway, i heard you all can make it for the cjc dance night! so i'll just reserve 5 tickets for you all okay! (: 

training for it really hard now so hopefully all will work out and you guys will have a good show to watch. and i've been shopping like quite a lot you know, i never knew i had such an insatiable appetite for anything that looks nice. But yes! i've been spending so much money its quite scary. and this is what im doing while all you people are working and earning bling bling or studying. 

Update me on like the university acceptance things okay? So far i got into ntu mass comm already but i haven't heard a thing from nus. but i still don'r really have a clue on what i'm gonna do exactly so i'm just waiting to see what i get. Okay, i'm sick and my whole body is aching so badly cause of dance i can't even change out of my clothes without wincing. so you all better come watch the dance night haha. and if you want updates about shawn, he's in a 13 day field camp so its just me for now and my lonely heart that could use some company! so please date me for food at stnicks or sth okay! (: love you guys. 

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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2008|04:50 pm]
yay! i finally managed to get in. i had always wondered whats the username?? jack only told us the password. haha heehee. hehethe pictures are unglam but i like it. =D im bored, and lost and confused. i dunno where to go. its been raining lots these days. take care dears, cold cold weather ya! and HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kuduskuduskudus loves you! [Mar. 10th, 2008|12:22 am]
[Mood |happyhappy]
[Music |the killers - shadowplay]

hello sweethearts,

first things first,
i know i havent really been around... really, i know i should be around more... its just that ive got alot of stuff on my plate at the moment. :| thanks jacklyn for coming up with this, :) much appreciated.

i miss you guys soo much... i heard jack is coming up to visit... :) what about the rest?

i have joined the lonely hearts band! :) i am single.

i think i am coming home this year :) either around late august or september or in december :)

you guys are truly my favourite girls in the world
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